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World Journal of Young Researchers (WJYR)

World Journal of Young Researchers (WJYR) is an open access bilingual multidisciplinary journal which mainly publishes research and review articles as well as various other forms of articles such as technical notes, pictorial essays, case reports, commentaries, etc. in most fields of science, art and engineering.
WJYR is aimed at encouraging young researchers to boast their publication abilities and throughput, and reduce their publication bias. The journal ensures that all appropriate correspondences between the corresponding author (who is perceived to be a young researcher who has not obtained a doctorate degree, or is below 35 years of age) is made explicit and comprehensive so that the young researcher will not only have the opportunity of having his/her article published but will also have the opportunity of learning more from the corrections/comments from the assigned reviewers. The scope of this journal is therefore wide and any quality manuscript from any field of research is welcome and would be duly reviewed for possible publication.

We are strongly dedicated to fast and high grade publishing of quality articles through World Journal of Young Researchers (WJYR), and typically a very good manuscript would get published as an article in about three weeks of acknowledgement of manuscript submission, although this is only in the event that we find such manuscript up to the standard with which our journal operates. WJYR boasts of the considerably large opportunities it presents to its authors and other contributors through the short turnover time and timely publication, as well as acknowledges the great contributions from its authors, reviewers, and editorial board members.

Peer Review Process
Any well-written and correctly formatted manuscript submitted to WJYR would be sent for peer review once it is found to pass preliminary assessments by trained readers. However, the final decision on all manuscripts will be taken by the assigned editorial board member(s) based on reviewers' comments.

Each accepted manuscript and the corresponding published article will (as a whole and in part) become a property of RRP Journals which will entirely own the copyright. This is generally to enhance the circulation and easy accessibility of published articles and thus their wide citations.


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